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Established in 1989, Chinese Society for Composite Materials is a non-profitable organization that works to bridge a connection between experts and scholars from academic and industrial fields on composites around the globe.



Xiangbao Chen 

CSCM President

Academician, AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials


At present, CSCM holds about 12,000 individual members and 85 enterprise members, with a large talent pool covering all aspects of research, development and application of composite materials in China.

171 council members, 59 executive council members, 19 branches and specialized committees in the fields of aerospace, automobile, infrastructure, shipbuilding and ocean engineering, nano, carbon fibre, ceramic matrix, smart, green, resin matrix, biomedical composites etc., and 12 working committees making efforts on science popularization, academic exchanges, technology consultation, Awarding, young scientists, professional title assessment, group industrial standards, scientific and technological evaluation, education and training programs, international collaboration and so on.


We are the communication facilitator, resources provider, and members servant for the promotion of composites.


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