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Trainings and Salons

Training Programs


CSCM Training Program(Phase IX) on Composites Structural Design and Application

CSCM Training Program (Phase VIII) on Standardized Testing of Moulding Process and Mechanic Properties

CSCM Training Program (Phase VII) on Mechanic Properties Testing


CSCM Training Program (Phase VI) on Standardized Testing of Mechanic Properties

CSCM Training Program on (Phase V) Moulding Techniques

CSCM Training Program (Phase IV) on Structural Design


CSCM Training Program (Phase III) on Preparation Technologies

CSCM Training Program (Phase II) on Standardized Testing of Mechanic Properties

CSCM Training Program (Phase I) High-level Forum

Academic Salons

6 academic salons are carried forward annually by CSCM. Each salon lasts for one day, during which experts will be invited to give lectures.



High Performance and Functionality of Polymer Matrix Composites

Structures and Properties of Dielectric Polymer Composites

Polymer Composites and Energy Storage Component

High Thermal Conductive Composites

Software on Composites Developed by Simens PLM Software

Composites in Aerospace


Simens Simulation Technology on Composites

Discussion on Key and Cutting-edge Issues on Science and Technology of Polymer Materials and Composites

The 22nd Academic Salon- Beijing University of Chemical Technology Young Scholars Panel Meeting

Special Session on Lithium Battery of Electric Vehicles

Signing Ceremony on Young Talents Supporting Program

MSC Simulation Technology on Composites

Functional Polymers and Composites

Young Talents Academic Symposium