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World’s Largest Carbon Composites Superyacht Launched
来源: Composites Manufacturing of ACMA 时间: 2017-11-15 浏览: 239


Palmer Johnson has launched the world’s largest carbon composites superyacht, the 48M SuperSport. The 150-feet yacht’s hull and superstructure, built by Norwegian sub-contractor Brødrene, are made from carbon composites.


The composite hull design keeps the focus on performance and fuel savings. “[Composites] help us reduce the structural weight by two thirds. So it’s a third of what a conventional hull would weigh. That helps us reduce the power needed to push it through the water,” says Berkeley March, head of design at Palmer Johnson.


The result is a ship built for speed that can reach up to 32 knots (36 mph) with 50 percent greater fuel efficiency than similar yachts. The hull design also supports an 11 meter (36 feet) beam, which allows for greater stability and 30 percent more interior living space than previous builds.


The ship has three decks with room for 12 passengers and nine crew. The wave-piercing bow reduces slamming and pitching in head seas at high speeds.


Photo Credit: Palmer Johnson

News Source: Composite Manufacturing