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Beijing OPLAN Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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OPLAN specializes in agency and sales of laser devices of world famous laser and optoelectronic products company, including laser of picosecond, nanosecond, femtosecond and continuous wave, Solid state laser, optoelectronic devices, optical components, precision positioning platform, piezoelectric nanoactuator, nano displacement platform,CCD camera, laser spectrum detection system, laser parameter measuring equipment,combustion and fluid diagnosis system, PIV, PLIF, LII, PDI, PDPA, PDA, particle image velocimetry velocimetry, laser phase Doppler interferometer, phase Doppler particle analyzer, analysis of stress and deformation of the material, the terahertz experimental system and components, surface topography measurement, stress deformation analysis of material, interface characteristics analysis, bubble droplet analyzer instruments and equipment, etc.

Their products are advanced in technology, reliable in quality and stable in performance. The agent's manufacturers not only have fir s t - c lass products and technologies, but also have strong product research and development capabilities, and can provide the best design and supporting hardware system for the actual application needs of users.The company has always adhered to the "integrity, efficiency" business principles,and wholeheartedly for the domestic users to provide professional advice, as well as fast,high-quality, perfect technical support services.