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NETZSCH-Ger Tebau GmbH
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Headquartered in Germany selbe, NETZSCH is Europe's ear l iest des ign and manufacture of thermal analysis instrument manufacturers and also the world's top thermal analysis instrument manufacturers. In the thermal analysis of development process of more than 60 years, the company has accumulated Netzsch software and hardware design and application experience, innovation and improvement of products, to meet the needs of different users. With its leading R & D strength, Netzsch thermal analysis instrument is technically far ahead for its the widest range of temperature measurement and the widest range of work pressure. With the nature of thermal analysis software Netzsch thermal analysis instrument can provide comprehensive solutions for users. In addition, the instrument has a number of patented technologies and won the R&D100 prize netzsh. Today, NETZSCH has been in China for 20 years. Offices and maintenance stations of NETZSCH have been established in several cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu, and there are also technical service centers, application labs and spare parts warehouses in Shanghai, which can provide users with powerful technical support and perfect after-sales service.