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International Symposium Opens During 3rd China International Congress on Composite Materials (CCCM-3)
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The opening ceremony of CCCM-3 International Symposium was held on October 21, 2017 in Hangzhou, China. Professor Hua-Xin Peng from Zhejiang University hosted the ceremony, professor Ze Zhang, academician of CAS and Director of the Academic Committee of Zhejiang University attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Professor Ray Liang from West Virginia University, the United States, Dr. Faxiang Qin from Zhejiang University, Professor Chao Wu from Beihang University attended the meeting as session chairs of the international symposium.


After the symposium opens, Prof. Hota Gangarao from West Virginia University, Prof. Qinghua Qin from Australian National University, Australia, Prof. Vijaya Gopu from University of Louisiana,  Prof. Bo Su from Univeristy of Bristol, Prof. Shuguang Li from University of Nottingham, Prof. Weiqing Liu from Nanjing Tech University, Yanqiu Zhu from University of Exeter and Prof. John Summerscales from Plymouth University delivered plenary lectures on such topics as fiber reinforced polymer composites, bio-medical composites, ceramic matrix composites, nano composites, composites application in infrastructure and so on.


Under the themes of Global Innovations in Infrastructure with Advanced Composites and Junior Scientists Forum on Multifunctional Composites, about 60 lectures were given by scholars from home and abroad.