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CSCM Working Committee on International Collaboration Is Set up to Promote International Exchanges in Composite Materials
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On October 21, 2017, CSCM Working Committee on International Collaboration launching ceremony was carried out during the 3rd China International Congress on Composite Materials (CCCM-3),  in Taixuhu Holiday Hotel in Hangzhou, China, during 21-23, October, 2017. Professor Limin Zhou, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Vice President  of CSCM hosted the meeting.


Professor Jinsong Leng from Harbin Institute of Technology, Vice president of CSCM, Professor Zhanjun Wu of Dalian University of Technology, deputy CSCM secretary, Professor Ray Liang from West Virginia University, the United States and other 15 professors attended the meeting.  



The committee is established to promote international communication and cooperation in the field of composite materials.


Fields for International Collaboration include:

Academic Exchanges including conferences, exhibitions, and academic salons

Industrial Partnership

Journals and Media

Education and Training Program