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New Book “Technology and Discipline Road Map for Composites” Releases during 3rd China International Congress on Composite Materials (CCCM-3)
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The book “Technology and Discipline Road Map for Composites” compiled by more than 100 experts and scholars during 2016-2017 supported and organized by Chinese Society for Composite Materials(CSCM) unveils on October 21, 2017 during CCCM-3 in Hangzhou, China.



The book is composed of 12 chapters, covering the discipline scope, main sub-disciplines and key issues in the filed of composite materials. It surveys on the status quo of the development of composites at home and abroad, measures the gap between China and developed countries on the development of composites, foresees the future development trend of composites discipline globally, and also sketches out a road map for academic and industrial innovations on composite materials.


All participants of the conference can get a book after the release ceremony for free. 



CSCM Executive Secretary General Professor Boming Zhang delivers a speech