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The 3rd China International Congress on Composite Materials (CCCM-3) Unveils in Hangzhou, China
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The 3rd China International Congress on Composite Materials (CCCM-3), organized by Chinese Society for Composite Materials and Hangzhou Municipal Government was successfully held in Taixuhu Holiday Hotel in Hangzhou, China during 21-23, October, 2017. Liyi Xu, deputy Generall Secretary of CPC Hangzhou Committee and Mayor of Hangzhou, 10 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science(CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE), and other leaders from the municipal government and Xiaoshan District Government attended the conference and delivered speech during the opening ceremony.


The conference attracted more than 2000 experts, scholars and colleagues working on composites from home and abroad to take part. Main media in China and local media in Hangzhou reported intensively on the conference.


CCCM is a series of conference held biennially initiated by Chinese Society for Composite Materials(CSCM) in 2013, for the promotion of composites’ application, innovation and communication. The theme for CCCM-3 in Hangzhou is “New Composites: Path to the Future Development”, which was selected from all theme proposals submitted by more than 30 authors.


The conference venue covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, in which 49 parallel sessions, 7 featured sessions and 2 international sessions, and the 2nd Exhibition on Scientific and Technological Innovations on the Application of Composites are convened successfully.


Dr. Xiangbao Chen, academician of CAE and President of CSCM said in his speech that composites has already led the development of new material technologies, the application of composites will exert great influence over people’s future life. As the organizer of this grand event, CSCM will keep working on promoting communication, innovation and cooperation in the field of composite materials.


Liyi Xu, Mayor of Hangzhou, send an invitation for experts, scholars and enterprises to know more about the city, invest in and cooperate with Hangzhou, which has now listed new materials as a key area of development for the city. Ze Zhang, academician of CAS and Director of the Academic Committee of Zhejiang University pointed out the importance of materials science in building world-class universities, and encouraged young scientists working on composites to work hard and bring more energy to the development of composites.