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Super C is a world’s leading high-tech enterprise in carbon nanotubes composite materials and carbon nanotube fibers and its composites, dedicated to innovating the way we live: ENERGETIC, INVENTIVE, and SUSTAINABLE. The company is established by overseas doctoral team graduated from University of Tokyo, Purdue University, University of Delaware, Tsinghua University and other top universities in the world or has worked in the famous overseas universities and scientific research institutes.

Dr Den Fei, as the founder of Super C, is the student of the internationally renowned scientist in the field of carbon composites Professor Takeda Nobuo, who is the vice president of University of Tokyo in Japan now. During his Ph. D., Deng Fei entered the Japan Aerospace Research and Development Agency (JAXA) for project studies and focus on the development of a new generation of carbon nanotube composites. He is the only

one Chinese person who has the experience in JAXA research by far.

The three core competitiveness of Shenzhen Super C Company are:

· Low cost on high performance carbon nanotubes research and development

· The world’s leading carbon nanotubes spinning technology and independent core production technology

· A complete set of automated production and testing equipment.

Super C is highly focused on creating peerless, advanced carbon nano-material products in transportation, electronics, energy, and specialty areas. The company is working on replacing carbon fiber composites materials by nanocarbon composites materials to develop a new generation of the composite reinforcement. They are trying hard to break the monopoly position of Japan, the USA and the other countries in the field of high performance fiber reinforcement on composite materials and to realize the leapforward evelopment of new composite materials in China. Shenzhen Super C company will be driven by independent innovation, based on core technologies, and will open a bright future of China’s carbon nanotube fiber and composite materials industry, leading to the next trillion-level market.

Website:http: www.chinacone.com