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Instron (Shanghai) test equipment Trading Co., Ltd.
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Instron is a recognized worldwide market leader in the materials testing industry. The goal of Instron is to provide their customers the best ownership experience by delivering the highest quality products, expert support and world-class service. Products of Instron range from basic soft tissue to advanced high strength alloy materials, which are widely used to test the mechanical properties and characteristics of various materials, components and structures in different environments. Instron offers solutions such as tensile, compression, fatigue, impact, torsion, cyclic, multi-axial, and rheological testing.

Instron is the world leader in the field of mechanical performance testing equipment by providing the highest quality products, professional technical support and world-class service to enable users to get the best experience of owning Instron’s products.

Instron insisted on participating in the global ASTM and ISO Standards Committee to get timely information about the relevant testing standards that affect their customers in the industry.

Website:http: www.instron.cn