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DOM Optical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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GOM mbH was founded in 1990, when optical measurement, as a new material testing technology, has just come into view. After more than 20 years, it has been recognized by more and more scientific research institutes and manufacturers, and has become an advanced, non-invasive, non-contact, full field testing technology. Along with the development of the industry, GOM mbH has been making progress by leaps and has now plays a leading role in optical testing field. Optical measurement system GOM mbH developed mainly include 3D digital, three coordinate measuring and deformation measurement, which have been widely used in automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and other fields, and the supplier, and scientific research institutes and colleges of these fields, the main application is product development, quality control and testing of materials and components.

At present, GOM has more than 500 employees and 130 million euros in annual sales and becomes one of the largest companies producing optical measurement equipment in the world.

DOM has a product exhibition center and measurement laboratory in Shanghai and Beijing. With global products and technologies, localized technical support and services, DOM is committed to providing one-stop optical testing solutions for Chinese customers in the field of materials testing and dynamic deformation testing.