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Beijing Esum Technology Limited company
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For more than 45 years, METRAVIB is working in close cooperation with leaders of olymer & Rubber Industry to develop and manufacture innovative Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers (DMA) and bring continuous improvements to meet the expectations of scientists, chemists, and research & development engineers. The extended METRAVIB DMA instruments range offers unmatched capabilities to analyze solid materials viscoelastic properties. METRAVIB offers as well a strong service catalogue performed by specialized engineers and technicians.

Esum Technology Limited is a professional technology company committed to the importation of foreign advanced equipment. Their products are in the fields of rubber, plastic and composite materials. They provide sample preparation and sample performance testing equipment for customers in these fields. The products are mainly from Germany (Goettfert, H & P), France (Metravib), the Netherlands (Fontijne), and UK (Ray-Ran) and so on.

Having an independent import and export business rights, Beijing Esum Technology Limited company is a professional and technical company, which is committed to the introduction of Europe and the United States and other advanced instruments and equipment and various supplies, petrochemicals, raw materials and so on. The company has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Changsha respectively. As the headquarter, Beijing Esum Technology Limited company is fully responsible for the company's technical and daily trade operations. At present, their products cover material mechanical test equipment, test equipment, the rheological properties of materials testing equipment, sample preparation and material processing equipment, and has a close cooperative relationship with universities, research institutions and enterprises. The company's products provide overall solutions to quality and R&D departments in the plastics and rubber industries, with many users in the PetroChina and Sinopec systems.